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Aero Convert will help you convert between video formats. The interface is easy to use and supports drag-and-drop function. You can select the output format from a drop-down list. In this respect, several formats are supported but they appear as presets with no further customization available. The program uses the codecs available on your PC so if you want to use a missing codec, you will have to download it. The conversion as such is quite rapid. However, if you interrupt it, you will not be able to resume it. In addition, the generated incomplete file will not be automatically erased.

Although the developer claims this application was made to be easy to use and it really is, there are some elements that may be a little confusing. For instance, there is the Open Video button, which function can be mistaken. Instead of serving to select a file to convert, it is actually intended to open the converted video. So, if you push it before the conversion is over, it generates an error. It would have been advisable to use a more descriptive caption or to disable this button until it is functional. However, if you keep the mouse pointer over an element long enough, you will get tip texts for it.

In general, despite some design faults, you will soon learn to use Aero Convert without difficulty, which is a good thing because the help documentation is rather insufficient.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It converts video fast
  • Missing codecs must be downloaded


  • It has some interface design faults
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